meet the team

Callum Lynch, Co-founder and Director
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As Co-creator and Director of Language Learning Scotland, Callum oversees the creation of all new materials and ensures the quality of the resources. Callum's main focus is on the creation of resources for both French and Spanish at National 5 and Higher level. He is currently studying International Business with Spanish at the University of Strathclyde.

Scott York, Co-founder and Director

After co-creating Language Learning Scotland, Scott has had an important role in the creation of our website. He has crucial roles in making sure resources are readily available to anyone and that they are up to date. Scott's main focus is on maintaining the website but he also contributes to the creation of new materials. Scott is currently attending a music conservatoire with a specific focus on traditional Spanish music and French baroque music.


My name is Rhona and I am about to go into my first year of Criminology and Law at university. I have spoken Gaelic all through my life, from nursery until the end of high school . I am incredibly passionate about saving the language as it is so important to Scotlands history and culture!

Rhona MacLeod, Senior Creative Director of Gaelic
Susannah Howard, Acting Senior Creative Director of Spanish and Italian
Innes McMurdo, Director of Marketing

Having studied Mandarin from National 5 to Advanced Higher as well as previously visiting China twice, Innes' main focus is to create resources for Mandarin at National 5 and Higher level. Innes is currently studying International Business at the University of Strathclyde.


Hello! I'm Iona, and I study English, Linguistics & Gaelic at the University of Glasgow. Gaelic has always been a massive part of my life, and has given me so many friends and opportunities, so I couldn't be more passionate about saving and preserving it!

Iona Mercer, Co-Creative Director of Gaelic


My name is Louise and in September 2020 I will be studying modern languages at the University of St Andrews. I have studied German to Advanced Higher level. German is my main focus, but this year I started to learn French and hope to live abroad in the future. 

Louise Stevenson, Senior Creative Director of German

Rebecca Gardner, Co-Creative Director Mandarin

Hi, I'm Rebecca. I am a gap year student who has studied Mandarin for 4 years in England, and I've completed Mandarin GCSE. I love language learning and also learn Spanish in school as well as Japanese, Cantonese and Korean in my free time. In 2021 I hope to further my interest by studying Chinese Studies at university.

Jordyn Kinsella, Co-Creative Director of French and Spanish

My name is Jordyn and I’m a sixth year student currently studying Higher French. I have a keen interest in languages, and previously studied Spanish at both National 5 and Higher level.

Emma Young,
Co-Creative Director of French

Hi, I’m Emma and I’ve studied French throughout the whole of school and I’ve completed National 5, Higher and I’m now studying Advanced Higher. I’m very passionate about languages and study many at varying levels, one being Italian of which I’m now the Creative Director for. I feel I have enough knowledge and experience with the SQA to provide and create resources for Italian.  I hope to continue my passion for Modern Languages and study them at University.


I’m Ellie, and I’m a sixth year student currently studying Advanced Higher French. I’ve studied French for almost 10 years and I love everything to do with the language! I am really passionate about promoting language learning from an early age and making it fun and simple as I think it’s something everyone should try and learn.

Ellie Glendinning , Co-Creative Director of French

Adelaide Mason, Co-Creative Director of French and Mandarin

I study both French and Mandarin in school in England, and have studied GCSEs in both of them. Next year, I hope to study French A Level at the same time as working towards the HSK4 qualification in Chinese Mandarin. Outside of school, I also enjoy learning Italian and Swedish, and I'd like to study Modern Foreign Languages at University.

Milla Hamilton, Co-Creative Director of German

Hello I’m Milla and I have studied both German and Spanish to higher level. I am also taking both to advanced higher level for 6th year and I am really excited to further expand my knowledge of both languages. I currently attend RCS Juniors and hope to pursue music in the future but I will never stop learning languages as I believe it’s such an important skill to have and opens up so many opportunities.

Bosco To, Co-Creative Director of Cantonese and Mandarin
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Hello, my name is Bosco. I’m currently 16 and have been speaking Cantonese my whole life. Being in 6th year, I have finished Higher Chinese and I’m going to do Advanced Higher Chinese this year. Cantonese has existed for thousands of year and is widely spoken in Asian countries such as Singapore and Hong Kong. I hope you’ll enjoy learning Cantonese.

Ananya Totiger, Co-Creative Director of Spanish
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Hi I'm Ananya I've studied Spanish for almost seven years now. I am 17 years old and I'm in year 12 in England and I learn still learn Spanish everyday. I love learning languages and teaching people languages, over the past few months I have been helping out my friends in Spanish I am now attempting to learn mandarin and I have a huge interest to work abroad after uni.