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primera memoria

Primera memoria is a novel originally published in 1959 by the esteemed Spanish author Ana María Matute, which is a common choice for studying at Advanced Higher level. Primera Memoria is set during the Spanish Civil War on an unidentified Balearic island and was written during the time of Franco's Spain. This is why Matute had to write in metaphors and allegories to create her critique. For her work, Matute's novel received a Premio Nadal. 

How we aim to help you:

Here at Language Learning Scotland, we understand that writing a dissertation for the first time can prove to be a real challenge. That's why we've tried to make the process less stressful for Advanced Higher Spanish students.


Firstly, we recommend that you sign up for a Glasgow Library card, as this will allow you to gain access to sites such as Gale Literature Center and Proquest which are both great sites to find secondary sources.

Secondly, you must ensure whilst reading the book that when you find quotes, you note down the page number. This will save you a lot of time when it comes to formatting them into footnotes later on. On top of this, ensure that you complete the same process for secondary sources found either online or from documents (newspapers, dissertations etc). We recommend that if you find a source which you like, that you take note of the websites URL as you can reference back to it if needed.

Lastly, ensure that all the work is your own. The SQA take plagiarism very seriously and it is not worth losing all the marks for dissertation because you didn't write it on your own or quoted directly without a reference.

If you wish to read parts of Callum or Scott's Advanced Higher Spanish dissertations, please don't hesitate at all to contact them by email at:

Or via Instagram DMs at: @languagelearningscotland

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